Who We Are

the lean event is organised by Software Acumen, a small team of specialist events organisers operating in Cambridge since 2004.

Software Acumen has been applying lean principles to its events, service and product offerings since we first encountered Eric Ries's "Startup Lessons Learned" blog in 2009. We believe it's an essential approach for the success of our company.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to provide Great events rather than Big events.
We want our participants to enjoy a learning experience that is second to none.

We pride ourselves on being user focussed, designing then refining all our events to ensure our participants want to come back every year.

While quality and value for money are imperatives, it’s important to us to ensure everyone involved with a Software Acumen event feels they have the opportunity to achieve their goals in joining our conferences.

Some other things we do



Business & Culture

What participants say about our other events:

  • Thoroughly enjoyed #agilemanc Met lots of interesting people and learned a lot. Lots of things to talk to people about next week.

    Jim Jeffries (@jjeffries1) May 8, 2015

  • Thanks @UXScotland for the awesome time! Learned a lot, met cool people (Scots are friendly), and gave my first talk #uxscot

    Jono Lee (@jobosapien) June 12, 2015

  • Furiously trying to distil the good stuff I took away from #agilemanc to play back to the business before it all evaporates like a dream...

    Mic Streeter (@sleeperservice) May 11, 2015

  • Me and my brain last night: B: Hey #uxcam this #uxcam that Me: Stop it, go to sleep! B: La la la not listening Me: Did you learn NOTHING?

    Roger Attrill (@think_ui) September 10, 2015

the lean event is organised by Software Acumen, specialist events organisers based in Cambridge, England. We build communities to help technology professionals grow.

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