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People say Lean methods are not strategic--that they allow you to test your strategic ideas, but do not allow you to set strategy. This is a misunderstanding of both strategy and of lean methods. Strategy is not, as some would hold, a detailed plan that you hand off to execution teams. Rather, it is a set of simple rules that both guide decision-making and at the same time, evolve in response to continuously changing circumstances. This means that in fact, strategy cannot exist without execution.

Lean methods unify idea-generation and idea-execution into a single whole, making them deeply strategic. What’s more, this Lean way of thinking about Strategy cascades—it works at all levels of the organization. In this talk, Josh will show how you can frame a simple, clear strategy of surprising power, and use that strategy to connect each level of your organization around a guiding vision.

About the Speaker

Josh Seiden is a designer, author, coach, and product leader. He works with startups and large companies to create new digitally-enabled products and services. He is an expert in applying Lean methods to product development and strategy. (He believes that Niels Bohr was correct when he said, "An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.")

Josh is the co-author (with Jeff Gothelf) of Lean UX and the forthcoming Sense and Respond, which explores the relationship between Lean teams and the larger organizations in which they work.


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